2020 Halloween Trick or Treat Door Signs

This year is an unusual time for people to know how to socialize and how to find the right balance between moving on with life vs keeping safe during a pandemic.

Clark and I recently moved from PA to UT, and in our over 13 years of marriage we haven’t once had the opportunity to pass out candy to little children. This year will be our first!

Some areas are trying to discourage trick or treating (‘cancel Halloween’), but most of us want our children to have a fun and enjoyable night, living life like normal and dressing up!

I feel there are safe ways to still offer kids candy while social/physical distancing. Clark and I plan to create a candy chute or ‘candy tunnel’ and attach it to the railing next to the steps up to our front door, like this example:

We also plan to add these signs to our door, one inviting Trick-or-Treaters in a happy and friendly way! And the second one will replace the first once our candy runs out. I also thought that those who feel uncomfortable with having Trick-or-Treaters come to the door could tell them in a friendly way that they don’t have any candy to pass out.

Please feel free to download these images for free to print out and use on your doors this Halloween! Much love to you my friends!

~Happy Halloween!!!!~ 🎃👻🍭🍬

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