Gratitude For Our Heroes

It’s true that none of us could have expected being told to ‘stay at home’ for an unknown amount of time. None of us would have ever expected to be part of history, defining a new generation. Many of us by now have exhausted ways in which to entertain ourselves during this quarantine, some even have said they have ‘finished Netflix’, lol.

While we look for ways to keep ourselves busy, safe and warm in our homes, many people are stepping outside, getting in their cars to go to work – to continue serve. Most of these people, who work for businesses that have been government approved ‘essential’, wish they could ‘stay home’. While we are being told to stay home so we don’t spread the virus, many are feeling guilty they have to go out and face the public. While they would prefer to stay home with their family, they are serving us by bringing us food, sending us important packages (or packages for ‘retail therapy’, ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), and many are working dangerously long hours to save the lives of our friends and loved ones. I feel it’s important that we give back to them, and remind them how important they are to us. I propose that as we look for ways to entertain ourselves during this quarantine, that we don’t forget to say thank you to those who are risking their health to feed us, entertain us, inform us, and save us.

How We Can Say Thank You

  1. Stay Home As Much As Possible – By now everyone should know the reason why we need to stay at home. While most of us could endure the discomfort of this virus, there are still many who could easily die from this. The hospitals are overwhelmed and need us to help ‘flatten the curve’ and help put a stop to the spread of this virus. We can give a great ‘Thank You’ to the medical teams by keeping indoors, at home, as much as possible, only going out when absolutely necessary (essential work, or groceries, or important appointments).
  2. Keep Your Hands Clean – Build a habit of washing your hands regularly when leaving the house. Use hand sanitizer often, washing your hands is best if possible, avoid touching your face.
  3. Ask Others For Help If You Feel Unwell Or If You’re Considered ‘High Risk’ – Now’s the time to be humble and ask for help. If you have family or friends who live nearby, ask them if they could help you with grocery shopping or other important errands for you.
  4. Be Patient & Kind – Many who are still working, are doing so under great stress. We’re all living and working day to day with a great level of uncertainty. People who have to go into work could use our understanding and patience. This would be a great way to say ‘Thank You’.
  5. Tip Generously – If you can comfortably afford to, add a little extra to your tip to people who work at the restaurant, or to those who are delivering food to you.
  6. Remember, Everyone Is Nervous – When people get scared, sometimes our ‘ugly’ side shows. We all can sometimes behave irrationally or in ways that don’t make sense. All of us. So a great way to say thank you, is to be understanding, and show some extra love during these uncertain times when we’re all still learning.

In my search of ways in which I can show gratitude to these important people who are working for essential businesses, I created these ‘Thank You’ signs. I’m sure I’ve missed some people (if so, share a comment letting me know who I should illustrate next), these signs include: Mailmen, Delivery People (USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon Prime), Take Out Delivery Restaurants, Garbage Men, Medical Teams, Truck Drivers, and Grocery Store Workers.

The other day I was sitting comfy on our couch drawing on my tablet when UPS arrived and delivered a package to our front porch. I was too slow to get up, and before I could say thank you in time for him to hear me, he drove off. That’s when the idea of creating these signs came to mind. I printed them and now they reside on our front door, where hopefully the next time one of these awesome people deliver something for us, they can know that we are so so grateful for their service. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also thought that it would be good to have them on the back of our car, so anyone who works in one of these industries comes by the back of our car can also be reminded that we care, and are so grateful for their sacrifices in order to help us stay fed, and stay safe, and quite honestly ‘stay sane’ during these times.

Please feel free to download these signs and print them for yourselves to do the same in sharing the gratitude to these people. If you do, please tag me on my social media, I would LOVE to see the signs up on your doors and windows! ๐Ÿ™‚

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