Lighthouse Book

Three months ago in March, after the announcement of ‘Stay At Home’ orders were put in place due to the outbreak of COVID-19, I awoke from a dream that illustrated a horrific storm at sea. The skies were dark and it felt hopeless that I would survive this storm. I was exhausted from trying to keep my head above water; I didn’t know what to do, which way to swim, I felt helpless and confused. Then the mist from the crashing waves parted and up through the water arose this beautiful lighthouse. It wasn’t any ordinary lighthouse, this lighthouse arose through the waves and through a large book. The pages of the book blossomed like a white rose. While the waves continued to crash around the lighthouse, it seemed to hold strong and confident in place. Immovable to the opposing forces. The pages of the book moved in the same tempo as the waves crashing against them. The light at the top of the lighthouse penetrated the darkness and I was able to see my surroundings for miles. I was also able to see that on the horizon, the sun was coming up, and with it – beautiful and calming colors. There is hope.

As with most dreams, I feel they come with a message. The message of this dream, the best that I can interpret it, is that with knowledge comes hope and direction. We’re all experiencing the same storm, but we each must continue on our own individual path, learning for ourselves the direction we must follow. The ‘how’ in which we move forward, is up to us in how we educate ourselves on what is true vs what is meant to beguile us. It is within our capability to learn truth. It is within our right to practice agency, with wisdom. We can’t blindly follow what is the most popular opinion, we need to research and take in both sides of the story, because there is always two sides. I feel the book in this illustration represents the knowledge that is available for us to absorb, and through that knowledge arises clarity and answers, and that is where the lighthouse comes in. The storms will continue to rage – the waves will continue to crash against us, but we, like the lighthouse, can hold firm and steadfast in what we know to be true. 🙂

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