Art Commissions: Note from Happy Client Sarah

Testimonial_SarahHatch_PortraitPaintingI am so thrilled with the painting and the sketch Rebecca Cooper created for me! I sent her my story and asked her to create these two images as a gift to my husband and our parents. I wanted to be able to give them to them the end of September, but I LOVED them so much when they arrived almost two months early, that I COULD NOT wait to share them, so I did it early! 🙂 Everyone loved them just as much as I did!

I gave birth to my third baby and first boy on September 27, 2013 at 17 weeks gestation. It came as a complete surprise, and we were very devastated that our baby boy was not going to be living with us here on this earth. However, we whole heartedly believe that we will see him again, and cannot wait for that day! We also believe that he was kept as an angel because he is a special spirit and has other work to do in Heaven. My husband was so excited to have a boy he could play ball with, so I explained what I wanted the painting to look like, and she did it exactly as I was hoping!

At a church meeting, the Sunday following his delivery, I had an image pop into my head. I saw my grown son, and my uncle, whom died many years previous, being missionaries in Heaven helping to further the work of our Father in Heaven. This was a special thought to me. I know that God is real. I know that He loves me and gives me those tender mercies to help me throughout my days when I am missing my baby boy. I know that there is life after death, and that I will be able to hug my son again!

I am so grateful to have found Rebecca Cooper. She is an amazing artist, and she portrayed my stories perfectly. I will forever cherish these prints!

– Sarah Hatch

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  1. Rebecca what an amazing present these two paintings have been to our families! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome talent with us all! You made Sarah one Happy momma to be able to see her Landen on a painting just how she thought he would look! Thank you again from the bottom of my Heart! Her burden has been lifted because of YOU! 🙂

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