From the Archives: First Sketches

Some artists can draw/paint whatever is in their head without a source to reference from. I have always wished I could do that. But I have a different talent in that anything I see, I can replicate. Almost always I have a source reference when I paint. Sometimes I have a dream, and then proceed to paint what I recall from the dream the night before. If its a dream or something I have in mind, I usually piece together a collage from random images to use as a reference and then mash it up into my own interpretation when I create it by hand in paint or graphite.

The sketches below were my first freehand realism sketches. I did these all three in a single night in High School when I couldn’t sleep. I had never sketched realism before… sometimes miracles happen and cool stuff just comes out of nowhere. I love those moments. πŸ™‚

Enjoy! ‘Baby of Mine’ is for sale at my store: here.

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