Art Commission: Memory of My Father and I

sascarfwebI finished this commissioned painting over the Christmas holiday. It was such an enjoyable painting, to recreate an old photograph into something new, all the while preserving the happy memory of a father’s love for his child. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

“Hello Becky – To say that this painting was an unexpected surprise would be an understatement. I think I burst into tears immediately – not tears of sorrow, but tears of happy memories. My dad passed away suddenly and unexpectedly seven years ago. In retrospect, he died as I would hope to die – not in pain, without suffering, and had spent his week doing what he susanawebloved. My dad was and is perhaps someone that I admire most in this world – non-judgmental, tolerant, kind, funny, and generous. I hold my grandmother in the same esteem. I was the first born child in our family. At the time of my birth, my dad was on active duty in the navy. In fact, to see me when I was born, my dad went AWOL. I discovered this picture and posted it on Facebook fairly recently – I think after his death. I must have been between four and six months old, judging by my size and hair (or lack thereof). It represents not only my happiness as a baby, but my dad’s obvious joy as being a first-time father. I think he had just barely been discharged from the navy and we were living at my grandmother’s home. This was taken at her home. I love this picture and it only reminds me of good memories.” – Candy

“I recently commissioned a painting from an old photograph as a gift for a friend. I had seen quite a bit of Rebecca Cooper’s work and she had done pictures for another friend and they all looked very professional. The entire process went very smoothly. The picture arrived and was so well done and I was very pleased. Rebecca ‘s painting brought the still black and white photo to life. It arrived punctually and was perfect! I would highly recommend Rebecca Cooper to everyone.”- Susan

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