Sketch A Day Drawing Challenge: Day 136 – Patience
Example of Pastel Sketch

PatienceWEBNote from their mother:

“this is a picture of Brittany being helpful by singing to Hailee while she was crying. It is not easy for a 3 year old to be patient while a baby is crying, but she wanted to help. She snuggled close and sang her the song “You are my sunshine”.” – Janai

The topic of patience makes me think of the excellent talk by Quentin L Cook “Hope Ya Know, We Had A Hard Time“. In it he quotes Brigham Young regarding patience in times of trials:

“There are many people who cannot now get employment, but the spring is going to open upon us soon, and we are not going to suffer any more than what is for our good.

I just love the part of the quote “we are not going to suffer any more than what is for our good.” Like children, at times it’s hard even for us adults to be patient and appreciate what is good and going right in our lives in the moment, and while we may not have control of our own lives and what is happening, we are ALWAYS able to help others around us and provide service in showing kindness and love. ♥


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