This woman is one of the few people I know who have a true gift to love with all her heart. I’ve seen it firsthand when she opened up her home to Clark and me, who shared her family’s home for two years. She is a beautiful mom – her children are her world and she would do anything for them. Her true character shined to me when I observed her on her really difficult days where she was exhausted and feeling really down. She received a phone call from someone in our church who needed help. This would take at least an hour to help them, but she grabbed her keys and gave up her one moment to rest to go help a friend. This happened numerous times where many of us would have passed on the job to someone else, she would muster all the strength she had left to go and help someone else. 

She’s a perfect example of someone who knows she isn’t perfect but always tries her best to do what’s good and right. She leads by example by being ‘real’ and following Christ’s example. She’s quick to forgive. I’ve seen her get frustrated, wondering why someone would do that, or say that, or behave in such a way that’s really difficult to understand. But that doesn’t stop her at all from wanting to make sure that person knows they are loved. Everything may not make sense, and feelings may have been hurt, but love is far more important than trying to understand. She has taught me this lesson, which has humbled me so many times. 

It’s an amazing feeling to be reminded that God is real because an angel entered your life to help you become a better person because they were there for you exactly when you needed them. Her children, my nieces, were a large part in helping me through a very difficult time in life. But CaMarie was exactly who I needed to teach me very important life lessons. My time with her and her family will never be forgotten, it has left me [and many others who live here in PA] a far better person because I have her in my life. Everyone needs a CaMarie in their life. 

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