Sketch A Day Drawing Challenge: Day 188 – Girl in My Dream

The other night I had a dream of a baby girl. I didn’t give birth to this little baby, but I took care of her as if she were my own. I consoled her, fed her, carried her with me everywhere. I asked if her birth mother were coming back for her, but it was unknown. I wished so badly that I could make it official, all she knew was me as her mom and I didn’t want that to end! I named her ‘Abbey’ as Clark and I do plan to name our little girl someday…Sadly, I woke up and the dream was over. Oh my aching heart, I felt like I had lost her and wanted her back so badly! The dream was SO real! ♥ Anyways, though she was a baby in my dream, this is what I imagine her to be a bit more grown up, in this quick sketch… dark color hair like her daddy, curls like her mom & dad, and just the most gentle, sensitive girl πŸ™‚


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