Remembering Annie

October of 2016 I came across the news that Jon Schmidt (from Piano Guys), his daughter Annie Schmidt went missing. Sadly she passed away of injuries sustained from an accidental fall while hiking in the north-face cliff area below Munra Point in the Columbia Gorge region of Oregon. While the search was active in trying to find her (it went on for weeks), there was something about her that I could not not think of her. Unfortunately, there are many reports of people gone missing, and when you’re thousands of miles away there isn’t much you can do to help beyond spreading the word for everyone to keep a lookout… I found myself pulled in to the latest news and watched for updates morning, noon, and night until her remains were finally found. Why I couldn’t stop thinking of her, why her story – of all the stories out there, I don’t know. But my heart was pulled in and I prayed and hoped that she would be found. The news of her not being alive was devastating, and I was heartbroken for her family. Two years later since that day, this image of her has been on my mind. I felt it was about time that I finally create it. Sketching her meeting Christ, it has brought a lot of peace to my mind and I’m happy that I finally did. I hope it brings comfort to those aching hearts out there who are missing her and thinking of her too.

For friends interested in a print please contact me.

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