Sketch A Day Drawing Challenge: Day 137 – What Matters Most
Example of Pastel Sketch

“This is our one and only chance at mortal life—here and now. The longer we live, the greater is our realization that it is brief. Opportunities come, and then they are gone. I believe that among the greatest lessons we are to learn in this short sojourn upon the earth are lessons that help us distinguish between what is important and what is not. I plead with you not to let those most important things pass you by as you plan for that illusive and nonexistent future when you will have time to do all that you want to do. Instead, find joy in the journey—now” — Thomas S. Monson [‘Finding Joy in the Journey‘]

“Both of my parents are my angels. My mom passed 16 years ago and my dad last year. Miss them!” – Trina


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