Art Commission: Baby Coral


Note from her mother: “Coral Jean was born in the late afternoon on August 16th, 2002, the only girl in a family of boys. She had a brother who passed at birth in 1998, Timothy Adam. When we realized we would be going through it again with Coral, we were devastated, to say the least. But, the Lord knows what is best. Our beautiful little girl was born at 19 weeks gestation and weighed about 10 ounces. She was so tiny we could see her little heart beating. I held her little body against my chest, skin on skin, trying to warm her, trying to hold on to her, knowing these were just fleeting moments that would go by far to quickly. Her 3 older brothers, Chris, David, and Devon, all got to hold her. After about a half hour, I felt her little spirit leave her body.

What a glorious blessing that day was! While it was heartbreaking to lose my little girl, I felt my son’s spirit there as he stood by watching and waiting for his sister to join him. Our room was filled with peace and light as we said good-bye to our little one. I tried not to think about all the things we wouldn’t get to do together and instead focused on the Atonement and the glorious reunion we would have one day.

I received a Priesthood blessing from a very dear friend of mine who, afterwards, when I was struggling and losing faith and wondering how this could be a blessing, he helped me to see that this experience had brought our family together.

Over the years as I’ve struggled through things, missing my babies and wondering why, I am constantly reminded of Christ’s infinte love for us; a love that was so great he sacrificed his life so that we could live…so that I would not “lose” my children but only be parted from them for a short period of time. They were special spirits who just needed a body, pure and virtuous from the very start. How blessed I am that I get to be their mother in the eternities…and how humbling that 2 of these special little spirits chose me.

Becky, you have given me a gift beyond measure and have done for me something that no one else could. The painting is beautiful and has touched my heart deeply…to “see” my little girl in the hands of God as she is holding my finger. How blessed we are to have talent such as yours. How blessed I am that you chose to share that talent with me by giving me something so divine and sacred. I cannot thank you enough.”

– Darla

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  1. such a nice cute painting.

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