Sketch A Day Drawing Challenge: Day 172 – Twins

They say that there’s no worse feeling than losing a child… I’ve seen it first hand with my mother having lost her oldest living son, her twins and other miscarriages. I’ve seen sisters suffer heart ache from miscarriage. My heart aches to see the sudden loss of a baby due to the haunting condition of SIDS. A friend of mine on Facebook gave counsel to other mothers about preserving memories of your children where possible:

my twins.. this photo is priceless to me. my son Jonah passed of SIDS at 100 days old.
I encourage every mother to take pictures of their children every single day of every single thing they can think of. when my son passed away… I have pictures of him for the simple 100 days he was here on earth. They are all that I have and they mean everything to me. so take those pictures moms!!!” – Kim



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