Art Commissions: Note from Happy Client Toni
Example of Pastel Sketch

PerryMomSketch1This past Christmas my husband and I wanted to do something for our grown children that would be a keepsake they could keep forever instead of the typical gifts (sweaters, CDs, games, etc) that become forgotten with time. I had been looking at Becky’s art for weeks and fell in love with her work, especially the sketch of a friend’s dad. I showed the pictures to my husband and said, “This is what we should give our kids for Christmas.” He was in agreement. I was a bit nervous to ask Becky because I wanted to do a painting for my mother-in-law too! That would make 4 paintings. I could hardly stand the anticipation of their completion. Then the day we waited for arrived. We could hardly wait to open the package. As we opened the package, I could not believe my eyes. Each picture captured the beauty, the personality and expression of each of my children’s children. I knew our kids would love them. Then we opened the picture of my husband’s siblings and parents. We were speechless. Tears filled our eyes as we gazed at my husband’s dad (who passed away several years ago), mom and siblings. It looked as if they were sitting right there. Christmas arrived and first we presented his mother with the picture. Words can not express how it touched her heart! She was very pleased! As each of our children opened their gift, gasps of wonder, appreciation and excitement resonated in our room. They were so surprised and loved the picture of their kids! Becky thank you so much for sharing your artistic gift with us. We appreciate your hard work in these beautiful masterpieces! They will be forever cherished!

– Toni

“Just wanted to tell you thank you for the sketch you did of our kiddos! Mom was so excited to give it to us; she couldn’t wait for us to see it. I absolutely love it! You are so talented! Thanks again!!” — Kelly (Toni’s daughter)

Sketch2_Family Sketch4Family LeeJanaiArbogast Sketch1WEB2 Sketch2_WEB Sketch3WEB4 sketch4WEB

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