My Friend Lorikay

When Clark and I first settled in to our new home here of Pennsylvania, I remember the first time I met my friend Lorikay. I walked into the chapel and found a seat for myself. There were only a few people in the chapel and in walks Lorikay. She walked right up to me and said in a very matter-of-fact tone, “you’re in my seat”. I thought to myself, “Ummm… I am surrounded by empty seats!” … I told her, “Oh, I’m sorry. There’s a seat right here [pointing to the empty seat right in front of me].” She didn’t take kindly to my not getting up, so she sat behind me and grumbled about me being in her seat the entire sacrament meeting. Looking back on that day I shouldn’t have thought about it a second, but just got up immediately. There were plenty of seats for me to choose from; to her, that one seat was a very important part of Sunday. I wish she were still in that seat, but she lived a full life. A full 98 years. I miss her. I miss her feisty spirit, her zest for life, her excitement when we came to visit, and her peaceful look of reassurance when I let her know that I noticed her in the room. She’s a woman who is impossible to forget and one who is sorely missed in this life…. until we meet again dear friend! <3

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  1. An amazing portrait Becky!! And a beautiful tribute to her! You and Clark blessed her life too!

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